Atlanta Residential Decking Services & Installation

Homeowners in Atlanta, GA who want to improve their outdoor livability and enjoy their property year-round, will find that the addition of residential decks or patio decks are a great way to expand your outdoor living space. If you currently have decks installed that need repair, or are considering the addition of balcony decks outside your home, we’re the company to call for new installation and repair services!

Deck Services for Residential Customers

We perform an extensive range of deck services for our local residential customers in the Atlanta, GA marketplace. Our services include

  • Installation and repair of residential decks, patio decks, balcony decks, or pool decks
  • Resurfacing and weatherproofing decking materials
  • Refinishing or repurposing damaged decks
  • Deck installation, post installation, and deck board replacement
  • Foundation work outside the home

In many cases, your deck might simply need a few modifications or improvements. If this is the case, we will dispatch a repair contractor to assess the damage and determine the best plan of action to improve your deck’s appearance and structural integrity. For other homeowners, you want to remove a deck and install a new one. Or, for other homeowners, if you don’t currently have a deck, and would like us to install one, we have the personnel in place for these services as well.

All Deck Materials and Sizes

Whether it’s a wooden deck, cement, fiberglass, or other materials you’d like installed or repaired, our company has the experience and knowledge to work with all of these materials. We also use the proper tools, equipment, and materials to perform repairs or installation work, so we can guarantee the job is done properly, and your deck will be structurally intact when we are finished servicing it.

If you would like small balcony decks added outside your home, or if you’d like a 500-square foot deck installed, we can tackle these jobs and anything in between. No decking job is too big or small for our team, and we’ll make sure that you’re pleased with the final outcome, regardless of the types of services you choose to hire us to complete.

Affordability and Quality Done Right

We know you want your new deck or repaired deck to look great. But, you also want to know you’re paying a reasonable price, and aren’t paying for services that aren’t necessary when having a new deck installed or your current deck repaired. We guarantee the best prices when you choose our team for services. We are an honest company, and we won’t try to sell you something you don’t need. We have a solid reputation in the local area, are highly trusted, and have excellent reviews from our current customer base. Give us a call to find out more about your services and have us assess your property today!

Give us a call to discuss your residential decks and service needs in Atlanta, GA. Our fully bonded, licensed, and certified deck contractors will discuss your installation or repair service needs when we visit your home for an assessment. Call us to schedule your consultation today!