Swimming Pool Deck Installation in Atlanta

You love your pool and patio, but there’s something missing. Residential pool decks are a great addition for your family to kick back and unwind on a nice summer afternoon. Or, the addition of family decks to the backyard area of your home is a nice way to enjoy evening or weekend barbeques, enjoy time with family, or invite friends and neighbors over for a big game or event together. Regardless of what you have dreamt up for your outdoor area, our team of Atlanta licensed contractors is here to bring that dream to reality!

We build your perfect outdoor oasis

We offer a wide range of residential deck services. Our company can

  • Repair a damaged deck
  • Replace damaged deck boards
  • Work on the foundation or leveling of your deck
  • Install new pool decks
  • Reshape, resurface, or weatherproof your deck
  • Design a custom deck for your family to enjoy
  • Install new materials or finishes to create a unique custom deck and outdoor space, that is nothing like you’ve seen before

Whether you have the perfect idea in mind or need our specialists to come up with the perfect design, we can work with you in creating the outdoor space that you and your family are bound to enjoy together for years to come. From new installations to general repair and maintenance, we have a team in place to complete these residential deck services for local Atlanta, GA homeowners.

We’re Affordable, Quick, and Guarantee your Satisfaction

We know that the work we do is only as good as you say it is. We strive to ensure 100% satisfaction for our customers and will work with you if you aren’t happy with the work we perform. Additionally, we will only use the best materials, premium-grade deck materials, and take all necessary steps in the process, to guarantee the structural integrity of your deck when we are finished installing a new one, or are repairing the deck you currently have outside of your home.

Our crew also wants you to be pleased with the finish and the pricing of our services. As a leader in deck services, we have become a reputable company and are highly trusted, given our honesty to our local customers. We will offer the same to you as a new customer. Don’t hesitate to find out more about our services. We’re here to work with you, and we can come up with the perfect plan for your outdoor space, no matter what your budget is when you hire us to install a new deck or to do repair work on your current deck.

Give us a call today or email us to schedule your free service quote on all deck installation and repair services. Our Atlanta, GA contractors will visit your home to assess the area, consider the design details, and discuss your options when you need new pool decks, summer deck installation, or other outdoor repairs on your current deck. We’re here to help, call us to learn more about our services today.